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The 180Watch

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About the 180Watch

The 180Watch is an analog wristwatch
designed specifically for the LSAT.

  • Precision Timing

    The LSAT is comprised of six 35-minute sections. The 180Watch allows the test taker to effortlessly time each section with the push of a button.

  • Superior Design

    The 180Watch is superior to watches with a rotating bezel not only for its ease of use, but also because the 180Watch resets the second hand to zero.

  • Customer Approved

    The 180Watch has been used by thousands of satisfied customers.

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180Watch Overview

When not in use the watch hands will remain still, with the minute hand at the '0' position and the second counter at the '60' position.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there extended tick marks at 8-minute intervals?

Both the reading comprehension and logic games sections contain four subsections each. Most elite test-takers aim to complete each subsection within eight minutes, which allows a three minute buffer to review work or complete the section.


What people are saying about us

It made a huge difference in my anxiety level to know EXACTLY how much time was left. I used every one of those seconds.

Michael T

I enjoyed using and practicing with the watch. I like that the design had the 5 minute warning zone and was super easy to reset with the click of a button. This watch definitely helped alleviate one of the many stresses associated with test day! Thanks!

Johanna M

Washington, D.C.

It's very reassuring to know exactly how much time I have remaining on a section. I've used the watch for two LSATs and in every practice test for months without issue.

Ian M

Great product. Worth the price. The best option out there by far.

Jason D

Chicago, IL

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